2004 FuHa - Where There’s a Bill, There’s a Way EP (Guitars, Songwriting): First time recording! Done at the legendary Water Music in Hoboken and making an impression on a 15 year old that has lasted nearly 2 decades.

2006- Max Feinstein - The Gallery EP: Partially self recorded Senior Project. Much learned here.

2009- The Spines - Radiolarian (Guitars, Vocals): Grunge/alternative album recorded at Coop Studios in Oceanside, NY. Released on StrawHouse/Sony RED.

2009- Jake Sachs - Press Start (Guitars): Contributed lead and rhythm guitars to the Senior Project of Jake Sachs. Recorded in my bedroom.

2009 - John Roccesano - Borderline Attraction Single (Guitars): The first release of a friendship and partnership a decade strong.

2010 - John Roccesano - Tailspin Single (Guitars/Songwriting): Second release, but the first song Johnny and I collaborated on. Kickstarted an enduring working relationship I’m proud of to this day

2010 - John Roccesano - Just Outside Your Door Single (Guitars/Bass): I like this song more than Johnny does

2010 - Pyroclast - Pyroclast EP (Guitars/Vocals/Songwriting): a belligerent effort from a belligerent band.

2011- Jake Sachs - Against The World (Guitars): more tracking for my good buddy as he starts to refine himself

2011- Pyroclast - Live EP (Guitars): Recorded in our beloved Maplewood basement for a 4/20 release to hand out at a long forgotten NYC show.

2012 - Max Feinstein - Round of Sound (Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Engineering): Something of a statement for me. Explored Instrumental/Experimental writing as well as traditional singer/songwriter tropes.

2013 - Jake Sachs - Onto Battle Single (Guitars): another fun Jake Sachs collaboration

2013 - SinApps Sound - Mammoth: a tribute to The White Stripes’ Elephant (Bass/Guitar/Vocals): Recorded for the tracks “The air between my fingers” and “Girl you have no faith in medicine”

2014 - Jake Sachs - You Deserve Batter Single (Guitars): rerecorded as a school project and a lot of fun

2014 - Devin Townsend Project - Sky Blue/Z2 (Universal Choir): recorded backing vocals as part of Devin’s Universal Choir. What a privilege.

2015 - Johnny Rock and Friends- For The Record (Guitars/Bass/Banjitar/Synths/Vocals/Songwriting): Got to work on my best buddy’s analog record. Contributed the song “Walking Wounded” to the collection while participating in the songs “Hourglass of Red” “Tidal Track” “Weasel” and “Window to the World”

2016 - Tony Caggiano - Starshine EP (Guitars/Vocals): a fun release with another buddy. Recorded on the songs “Starshine” “Spend Some Time” and “Not Looking Back”. The guitar solos on the latter two are still a point of pride.

2016 - The Devyl Nellys - Delicious Business (Guitars/Vocals/Songwriting/Production): another grand statement as a writer and producer. Funky fun album. Worked on these songs in part at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Contributed “Funk is Free” “Rodeo Qween” and “Bloody Merry” as a songwriter. Still stands as a highlight of my playing.

2016 - Jaime Rose - Nowhere EP (Guitars/Vocals): Killer alternative album with Hoboken NJ royalty Jaime Della Fave. Played guitar like the house was on fire.

2016- Ross Sandler - Don’t Stop (Bass/Vocals): Very fun release. Played bass on “Have to” and “I’m to Blame”

2017 - Donna Rae - Blue Eyes EP (Guitars): Played guitar on “You Lied”

2017 - Debra Devi - Wild Little Girl EP (Bass/Vocals): Played bass on “Butterfly” and “Shake it”

2017 - Greg Mclaughlan - Debbie Down Single (Guitars): fun dueling lead guitar stuff

2018- Liam Brown & The Pounds - Live at Silver Horse EP - (Sound Design/Guitar/Vocals): recorded in a haze of adrenaline with guitar overdubs done later for “Picture of the Blues”

2018 - Max Feinstein - What to do with all these memories? (Guitar/bass/songwriting): Jaunty instrumental track for the Yeah Jam Fury video game

2018 - Project BWQ - American Ghost (Guitar/Sound design): Incredible album to be part of. Contributed to the tracks “Cold Sweat” “Sleepwalkers” and “Old Pain”. Please ask me about ring modulators!

Brett Altman Singles 2018 (Guitar/Synth): “Come Find Me” “Is he thinking of you?” “Demolition” “Vacancy Signs” are all killer pop rock songs. Loads of fun to play on and the start of an enduring writing and recording partnership.


2011-  Sontaag video

2013- Precious Roy - Prettiest Girl at the Bar

2015- Johnny Rock For the Record documentary 

2015- Debra Devi - Tired of Waiting Live at Arlene’s 

2015- Debra Devi - All that I need live at Arlene’s 

2013-2016: Johnny Rock & Friends documentary 

2016- Devyl Nellys Live on Balcony TV

2016- Devyl Nellys Live on Daytime Blue Ridge

2017- Debra Devi - Butterfly

2017- Debra Devi - Tired of Waiting (music video)

2017- Debra Devi - Shake it

2017- Max Feinstein live Maggot Brain

2017- Max Feinstein live Song for my mother

2017-  Max Feinstein live Red Hot Momma excerpt

2017- Max Feinstein live Everything I do gon’ be funky

2017- Max Feinstein live Jackmo Fever

2017-  Max Feinstein Round of Sound play through

2017-  Latest Noise Pedalboard Showcase

2018- Project BWQ - American Ghost live in Leonia

2018 - Project BWQ - Never Ever live in Leonia

2018- Project BWQ - I Grew a Tree live in Leonia

2018- The Latest Noise White Eagle Hall Video Compilation

2018- Project BWQ- Cold Sweat live in Leonia

2018- The Latest Noise/Silver Horse Sound White Eagle Hall Video Compilation

2018 - Project BQW - Phosphene 

2019 - Terra Electric - TLN Live at NLK set

2019- BWQ live at NLK

2019- Max Feinstein live at NLK

2019- Max Feinstein Track Breakdown “Drone”