I proudly endorse and use products by Reverend Guitars, Peavey Electronics, Eventide, and Metal Dozer Machine Works

Here is a list of my equipment currently in employ


Reverend Jetstream: Black, heavily customized with stickers and buckles. Outfitted with DiMarzio PAF Master and Chopper pickups for a Tele Custom styled sound.

Reverend Sensei: In a sexy purple burst. This is my LP killer and it’s outfitted with a PAF Master and PAF 36th Anniversary set to jangle or chug. Clients love this as a studio guitar!

Reverend AirSonic W: My current #1 live guitar. Outfitted with a Wilkinson Tremolo and DiMarzio Fast Track 2 and Transition pickups this guitar can cut through the mix and go soft to modern.

Reverend AirWave: Semi Hollow 12 string electric guitar. Incredible sound and wonderful intonation not found on any other 12 string electric on the market. Outfitted with P90s

Reverend Volcano: Sexy blue Flying V type outfitted with a PAF 36th and D Activator to make it a modern powerhouse.

Reverend Mercalli 5: In a fetching blue Flame Maple top. Killer Ernie Ball style bass for beautiful low end


Peavey Classic 30

Peavey Classic 50

Peavey Classic 20

Effects: soooo many effects

10 and 7 band EQs

Empress Compressor: Studio grade compressor. My go to live compressor

J Rockett IQ compressor/eq: Potent combination eq/comp.

Eventide H9: Versatile multi effect. I like to run 2 of these with Bard3 OX switches and MIDI

Supro Drive: Killer smooth drive with fuzzy elements designed by my buddy Tom Elliot

Wampler Tumnus: tasty light to high gain overdrive modeled after the legendary Klon Centaur

JHS Morning Glory: Clean boost to light gain drive. Super transparent.

Xotic SL Drive: Marshall in a box. Solid

Supro Trem: My favorite tremolo. Harmonic mode is gorgeous. Designed by my buddy Tom Elliot as well

HBE UFO: Fuzz and octavia. Belligerent and awesome

Z Vex Fuzz Factory: Classically gorgeous and unpredictable feedback

Z Vex Mastortron: Meat and potatoes fuzz. Highly tweakable

Pigtronix Octava: Pint sized and musical octavia

Moogenfooger Ring Modulator: one of my favorites. Feel free to ask me for demonstrations!

Keeley Neutrino Filter: an auto wah. Funky and synthy

Tc Electronics Sub ‘N Up Mini: no frills octaver. Tracks well

Tc electronics Hyper Gravity Compressor: Solid compressor. I like it on bass.

Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver: Must have for bass rigs

Wampler Low Blow: friggin awesome bass drive

Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine: highly tweakable chorus effect

EQD Bit Commander: killer bit crusher

EQD Palisades: Just about any tube screamer mod you could want

Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver: Super solid overdrive in the TS family

Plutoneium Chi Wah Wah: My favorite Wah. Super tweakable

Catalinbread Belle Epoch: amazing analog delay in the spirit of the old Echoplex. Just try this thing on something and tell me you don’t love it