My guitar knowledge and resources are at your disposal in a variety of ways:


Looking for a helpful perspective on your playing?  Keen to bust out of a rut and kick writer’s block?  I offer guitar lessons at my studio, or over Skype.  

I like to teach guitar in the same style in which I like to learn guitar by combining practical concepts with philosophy into a way of thinking and talking about music that one can internalize and make their own.  I focus on getting you comfortable with the instrument and getting you to express yourself rather than on scales, and specialize in teaching the following:

  • Improvisation
  • Writing
  • Arrangement
  • Live Performance
  • Studio Performance
  • Ear Training
  • Getting along with other guitar players

Tone Consultation

The best guitar tone is the tone that makes it easy for you to express yourself that satisfies and inspires.  Let me turn some knobs for you!  Where you just want to get more out of your existing signal chain or you want to try some new things out, having someone adjust settings while you play lets you focus on that magical place between your ears and your hands that we call “Good Tone”.  I also offer advice and assistance with rig building.

Pedal Rental

Wanna try something I’ve got on a session or show?  Let me know!


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